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“You need to drink eight glasses of water per day to be healthy” is one of our more widely-known basic health tips.

But do we really need to drink that much water on a daily basis? Most nutritionists have no idea where it comes from.

Physiotherapist and Continence Advisor Dr Pauline Chiarelli has collated her knowledge of the female body to give her patients honest, scientific advice to help them overcome the embarrassing, but all too common, problem of incontinence.

Nobody wants to wear embarrassing and bulky adult diapers and they shouldn't have too, Dr Chiarelli insists that incontinence can be cured or greatly reduced at any age, and this book shows you how.

With the launch of the Carnival Breeze, Carnival Cruise Lines has created a high-energy vacation venue that offers more for families than ever before. There are many innovative areas geared just for adults, including the ship's relaxing Serenity area and the tranquil new Library Bar.

However, you can easily get your pelvic floor back in shape with simple exercises.

With clear, easy to follow diagrams Women’s Waterworks explains exactly how the pelvic floor works and what role it plays in your body.

How very appropriate as we are discussing Pelvic Health.

Have you had much experience with the birds and the bees? TNP: (laughs) Ok fair enough let’s get onto more serious chat.

Waterworks adult video chat