The difference between how men and women think about dating

I wanted to find the anwers to my questions: Well, I am presenting the two most interesting and detailed opinions about Ukrainian and Russian men (only from a Ukrainian and Russian woman’s point of view :)): 1) ************************************************************************************ 2) Source:

Sadly, I’ve sometimes found that men in the UK believe it’s politically correct for women to pay 50% of a tab early on in the dating process.

And yes, it is true that the Ukrainian and Russian men often have at least one mistress.

I would like to say something in defense of Ukrainian and Russian men. Update July 2017: I still have the same opinion like 6 years ago (this article was published in December 2011).

When a man knows his efforts are appreciated, he's naturally encouraged to do more.

Perhaps this alone time means reading a newspaper, watching sports, or playing video games.