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"Not for myself, but for people who come after me." Culture delivered to your inbox When we first met Littman in 2015, she gave us a sharp and prescient analysis of the primary fields: She declared Donald Trump "uncouth," Ted Cruz "miserable," Ben Carson "a horror" and Bernie Sanders "wonderful, but he'll never get in." Now that the field has narrowed to just Trump and Clinton (well, OK, and third-party candidates), we called up the 105-year-old voter, who is funny and feisty and very much on top of current affairs, for an update.

At first, she refused our interview request, out of fear that insulting Trump would carry a harsh punishment.

Cue a reactive maelstrom as fans, buffs and execs rushed to defend/attack the move.

But facts, as you’ll soon discover, don’t lie: the silver screen is as gender-segregated as ever.

In her acceptance speech at the Oscars 2015 Patricia Arquette highlighted sexism in the entertainment industry.

Not only do women get paid less than their male counterparts but sidekick, damsel in distress or love seeker are usually the roles that a leading lady lands.

Ils vous y feront découvrir les endroits les plus intéressants et les meilleures plages.

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