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If you’re looking for work, read with caution — these ain’t exactly dream jobs., it turns out, wasn’t a game, but an omen. The Good: In the event that they do find an asteroid, you’ll be on the front lines to stop it. Also, the ad clearly states that applicants must have “a clean-cut appearance with no tatoo’s [sic], piercings, extreme hair color.” That rules out just about every Bay Area Millennial. Also, this is the kind of thing that millions of people were incarcerated for, so there’s a troubling social angle there.

Some 29-year-old guy in Palo Alto is tired of all the “work” of dating. The Bad: If he’s too lazy to date, what else is he too lazy to do? The Bad: As an operations manager, the scientists and engineers whom you manage will get the bulk of the glory, since most people don’t know that What: Facilitate the gaming experience of eager consumers of the pinnacle of mid-’90s bowling-alley technology. What: Be the brand ambassador of a medical-marijuana dispensary and delivery service.

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In the cultural hit parade, it’s time to reveal what is Number One this Christmas. Some couples said that their relationships had been saved.

When the cultural historians come to look at 2012, they will conclude that this was an amazing year for the arts.

We had a Diamond Jubilee whose centrepiece was a river pageant explicitly modelled – in spite of the rain – on a scene by Canaletto.

Dear Agi, A year and a half ago I left my husband of 30-years because I was unhappy with what our lives had become.

We hung in together through hard times and celebrated many joys, including our grandchildren, but a string of disasters such as a death in our family, bankruptcy, along with my husband's seemingly perpetual dark moods following the end of his career led to a total breach between us.