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provides many ways for women from all over the world to reach out to one another through an on-going Women's Health peer support Chat Room for those in need of immediate assistance, women's health peer support forums, and a women's health peer support social network where friends and allies can be made easily.It is quite clear when reading statistics such as the, "Percent [of women] 40 years and over who had a mammogram within the past 2 years: 68%," and the, "Percent [of women] 18 years and over who had a Pap smear within the past 3 years: 75%," that although women are getting more on track with preventative care, there are still some women out there who do not see the importance of proper body maintenance.This website will provide useful information to enable you to understand how your body works and what can go wrong.However, it is not a substitute for the advice provided by competent healthcare professionals.These are the people who can assist you with your lifelong journey to obtaining and maintaining good health.If you are an adult male then good health starts with knowing your current health status.

OUR VISION IS: for all men living in Southern Africa to enjoy optimal health. That means that you have to take the time and trouble to understand what is necessary for good health, and that you are ultimately responsible for your health.

So feel free to begin a discussion, pose a question, offer your feedback, and start connecting with other local singles right now!

Our association has been formed to address the key health challenges facing men living in Southern Africa.

This year the focus is on belly fat: what you can do to prevent it, and why it is so harmful to your overall well-being.

In previous years the initiative focused on beating stress, healthy living and work and health but this year they are concentrating on the fight against that pesky and severely problematic belly fat.