Internet disconnected while updating blackberry

After performing some troubleshooting, I was able to fix the issue. Sometimes the problem might be as simple as shutting down and turning on modem/ router.

Small changes in computer settings or a change in configuration with router or modem settings may result in DNS error.

Once the device is restarted most of these changed settings will be cleared. Replace the DNS server address from ISP with a Global DNS.

You've successfully completed the steps to connect your device to our network.

I was just about to post an article on a different topic, but then I noticed that for some reasons, some websites were not opening up.

You can also watch a short Network Extender Setup video for additional help.

Note: Your mobile device must be within 15 feet* of the Network Extender to connect to it.

If the problem is a more complex device issue, your carrier's technical support will guide you through more in-depth troubleshooting.

If you have Black Berry signal problems or some other mobile network issue, follow these basic steps and then check again to see if you can connect to your carrier's network: Note: This guide is for devices running Black Berry OS.