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) -Eddie Quillan -Edmund Lowe -Harpo Marx (rumored to have had more than a close friendship with columnist Alexander Wollcott) -R9, Ed Wynn set tongues wagging when, in 1946, he commented about his son Keenan, daughter-in-law Evie, and their bestie Van, "I can't keep them straight. Tyrone Power - technically bi, but he preferred men Robert Taylor - He ran in gay circiles as a young man, then married Barbara Stanwyck at the studio's demand. Keenan loves Van."The following year, Keenan and Evie divorced, and the very next day, she married Van.Later when Hexum’s father got in touch with him after seeing the boy on a nationally televised college football game Hexum told his deadbeat dad, “You can’t reap seeds you haven’t sown. Go to hell.” But Hexum never played sports in high school. He died as a result of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head on the set of the CBS television series Cover Up in which he played the male lead.

He was funny yet intelligent and light years ahead of knowing how to deal with the paparazzi, especially when the obligatory gay rumor chatter surfaced.

También participó en las películas para televisión " Paper dolls" y " The wild women of chastity gulch", en 1982; " Making of a male model", en 1983, con Jon-Erik Hexum, y " Her life as a man" en 1984. Fan clubs keep the flame burning for the likes of Elvis and Mr.

Un año después ganó el premio People"s Choice en la MOST fans are not as driven as Eve Harrington, the dogged young admirer in ''All About Eve'' who all but takes over the life of Bette Davis's character in the film. Ed, Tanya Roberts and Tanya Tucker, Betty Brandon Lee, an actor and the son of the martial-arts star Bruce Lee, died today when he was shot on a movie set with a gun that was supposed to fire blanks. Lee, who like his father used martial arts in movies, was 27.

Hexum has two siblings: brother Zack, also a musician, and sister Angela. 311 has headlined amphitheaters in the US for the past 11 consecutive summers.

Hexum produced the gold-selling soundtrack to the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore film 50 First Dates, including songs for Seal & Mikey Dread, Dryden Mitchell and Jason Mraz.