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The only problem I have is that women arent as honest as men about how important looks are to them. I never really was able to understand the whole "height" thing...

I'm 5'6", so I prefer to date within the 5'0"-5'8" range.

I'm "about the same", "normal" or even "tall" to most people within my dating pool.am I supposed to feel left out because I'm not dating women who stand 5'10" or something? I think it comes down to survival of the fittest - genetics. I'm short, stocky and atheletic and I like my ladies on the heavier side but not fat.

I don't see many girls standing at 5'2" with a 6'5" guy when I go out, and ideally it seems to me that someone who's the same height as yours tends to work out the best for many reasons. Ok, well she is most certainly missing out on the possibility of meeting the right person with that kind of restriction. I don't feel comfortable dating a woman taller than I am. And so I think an even greater challenge for short guys is that the range of women is extremely narrow. However, another component of genetics is "mutation". If it is okay for her to need to file a request form for a kiss than so be it. The only area being short has bothered me is with dating. Most Black men find fat women to be physically attractive. She's gotta have real curves and real breasts, nothing plastic.

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