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You can also suggest completely new similar titles to A Canterbury Tale in the search box below.

Pass this link on to all your advocate friends as well as your Veteran friends and when you have confidence with your knowledge on the topic, send it on to your elected representative - State & Federal - let them know that contrary to popular/their opinion - you and your fellow advocates have AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia was published by St. The authors, former US Congressman Bill Hendon and MIA daughter/lawyer Elizabeth A.

I'm one of those people who think that speaking ill of the dead is not particularly helpful.

However, I am not a hypocrite and I don't believe in glossing over history when someone does pass away.

Not so in North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union....

The art of the tease is on everyone's lips; with a rising interest in burlesque, cabaret clubs are in full swing and new acts are cropping up every week.