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She asks to go to the nearest beach, so the man — Ben, played by Ben Whishaw, in the BBC version, Naz in the U. When he awakens, he goes back upstairs to retrieve his things and say good-bye to his companion, named Melanie in the BBC iteration, at which point he discovers she’s been stabbed to death.

He panics and flees the scene in the taxi, committing a traffic violation that results in his being pulled over by police and, eventually, arrested in connection with the murder.

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Today he is most recognised as ' Q' in the latest instalments of the 007 saga, Skyfall (2012) and Spectre (2015).

screenwriter Anthony Mc Carten has been hired to revive the long-awaited FREDDIE MERCURY biopic which chronicles the life of the legendary Queen frontman.

The film is being produced by GK Films‘ Graham King, Tribeca Productions and Queen Films, with production slated for June of 2016.

It is a measure of how ingrained the story is in our psyches — the 1980s TV adaptation was named one of the greatest British television programmes of all time — that the film has inspired much of the men’s fashion for autumn.

The shops are full of 1920s chunky-knit cardies, woollen tank tops and three-piece linen suits.