Amy and minwoo dating

Let’s goo~Ric Syung: The renown oil and water couple.

I love all the Shinhwa couples, but this couple is my personal favorite (to the point I can say I have Ric Syung Syndrome haha).

Park made her You Tube debut in January, when her grand-daughter's video travelogue of their trip to Cairns in northeast Australia went viral.

It showed Park touching a kangaroo, diving on the Great Barrier Reef in a helmet that let her walk underwater, and splashing through the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon in a Santa Claus cap.

I guess anyone on Healing Camp ends up dating an athlete. [ 117, -10] No wonder Sung Yuri's been looking beautiful lately.

You think she'd date some nobody golfer like him for no reason? Golfing itself allows you to isolate yourself from others and fans can't chase you in there.

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There’s also the overnight trip they took together during their 2nd album, just the two of them.YONGIN, South Korea -- She gives tutorials on applying makeup so as to resemble Amy Winehouse, among others, and posts videos of attempts to try new activities such as kayaking, all spiced with a touch of humor.Meet South Korea's Park Mak-rye, a sprightly 70-year-old whose You Tube channel "Grandma's Diary," has made her a social media sensation, drawing more than 277,000 subscribers.Eric says they’re best friends while Hyesung says they’re just neighbors…(Hyesung’s infamous push-pull method~) They live really close to each other although Shinhwa stopped dorming years ago.